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  • spring 2014open or close

    report-spring2014Dear Friends and Prayer Partners, We send you warmest greetings from Life & Mission Ministry in Ustroń, POLAND. As we write this letter we are celebrating 24th anniversary of the Life & Mission Ministry. The past years have been filled with great testimonies of God's faithfulness, provision and also a time when many people passionate for God, received a calling to a full time ministry.
    After the big change of the political system in Poland (in 1989), Life & Mission was called to existance as a first Christian Organization in our region in the Southern part of Poland. We are thankful for the next generation, to whom we can pass God's values. We inspire families, marriages and various other social groups. At the same time we would like to thank you, our dear Friends and Prayer Partners, for your open hearts, prayers and all forms of support, also the financial help.
    We see a lot of needs and spiritual hunger in Poland. Thousand of Polish people, marriages, youth and children are in need of help daily. With broken relationships they live without the love of Christ. They lack hope for a better future.
    Our dream and our goal is to strengthen the needy, next generation in this country and help them in difficult situations and crisis, so they can shine and in the future be godly leaders in this nation. We are very thankful for your prayers and financial help, so that we can continue in this very special calling from the Lord.

    Henryk and Alina Wieja with Life & Mission Ministry Team

    We thank God and give Him the glory for:

    Conference for Women "Get To Know Yourself In A New Way"

    Poznaj siebie w nowy sposóbOn March 8, 2014, in Golebiewski Hotel in Wisla, we held a nationwide conference for Women. It was attended by 1,100 women. The messages were about looking at each other the way God sees us. The speakers of the conference were: Alina Wieja, Sylwia Tomczyk and Bozena Ciechanowska. Women were returning to their homes with new hope, God's perspective, inspired to start new, creative activities. One of the woman said: What really touched my heart, was the message to turn my eyes away from the wall of darkness and walk towards the light. I am sure that the light in us will be not prevailed. View a photo essay...

    Our Inspirations Magazine, Spring 2014

    The spring issue of Our Inspirations Magazine has a following main topic: Accountable commitment. The issue addressed also such topics as: healing, the value of work, how to deal with children at home, the impact of a father on a child's development, the male way of engaging in spiritual experiences. We also continue a new section, called: Good News! We help people to see different news on what has been happening in our country as well as around the World - these are good news. View current issue...

    Basic Training In Christian Counseling of the Christian Counseling Institute - CCI, (Final Session).

    IPC - III sesja 2013/2014We thank God for the CCI training. The final, third session was held on March 21-23. The training was attended by 30 students from across Poland. These were people who want to learn how to more effectively help others with problems and in crisis situations. The training teaches how to show the way out through Christ Jesus. During the third session, students presented assignments (thesis) that are completing the basic training. Each of the works related to the specifics of the particular problem and showed the way out in the light of God's Word.

    News from Koinonia Publishing House

    There are valuable materials in form of books and multi-medias that we can publish. We give thanks to God for each one of them. We have published new book called "The River Of Healing" (by Jan Grzeszkowiak, Alina Wieja, Henryk Wieja). There is also a new project by Koinonia Publishing – Greeting cards. We would love to inform you also that few of our books were nominated and awarded for the best guides on a nationwide literary news by weblibrary "".


    All new multimedia materials are a great reason for us to praise God for. These are: lectures (on DVD and MP3) from the Spring Women's Conference, lectures (MP3) from the Conference “Empowered Parent, Empowered Teacher" and "God still heals" (Mp3). A new feature is the "Message Of The Week". Every week, on Tuesday, you can find on our website ( a new free message (appearing for three weeks to listen for free), recorded during Life & Mission Fellowship's Sunday services and weekly events in Ustron.

    Celebrate Recovery meetings

    We praise God for the series of Celebrate Recovery (CR) meetings we conducted at the Life & Mission Building in Ustron. During the program Henry Wieja's teaching “The Road To Recovery” was used in an audiovisual form to proceed the small group meeting. CR is a program that helps to deal with bad habits, hang ups and addictions. The aim of the program is to point to the power and grace of Jesus Christ in the process of healing. Its purpose is to help build a strong and lasting, personal relationship with God. The CR meetings were attended by almost 30 people. All participants have experienced a real touch from the Lord.

    Event 16+

    EVENT16+ is a monthly meeting for young people who search for what is valuable in life. The topics discussed so far during Event 16+ are: Is it possible to enjoy life and be guided by good values​​? Is there something more in life? How to make good decisions? How to grow and live creatively? We thank the Lord for these meetings, for the investment we can make in the new generation of leaders. Entrust them to the Lord in continued prayers.

    Conference RIVER OF HEALING

    Rzeka uzdrowieniaThe aim of the conference was to explore the role of every follower of Jesus Christ and of the Church, in the work of healing as given by the Lord Jesus Christ to all his disciples. The guest speaker of the conference was Chris Gore, director of the healing ministry at Bethel Church in Redding California (USA). The conference was to many a great strengthening, restoration of hope, and above all a powerful experience of God's Divine Presence, revealing the Father’s Heart of God. We give glory to God for His powerful move among us. View a photo essay...

    New equipment

    New equipmentWe are immensely thankful for the financial gift for new com-puters which we bought in May. They replaced the used once that hadn't served their purpose anymore.

  • august – november 2013open or close
    august – november 2013

    We are thankful to God for His everlasting grace. We want to celebrate the presence of Jesus Christ. He is the Light to this world. In Him alone there is hope and power to be victorious! We praise God and celebrate what He has done in POLAND Life & Mission Ministry in the past three months. That you for your prayers and financial support. We are excited we could do great things for His glory.

    National Men’s Conference Man In Full Armor, took place on Saturday, October 26, 2013 in Gołębiewski Hotel in Wisła. This was the sixth countrywide conference for men, organized by Life and Mission Ministry. Over 600 men came from all across Poland. The lecturers were representatives of social life arenas, including: Deputy John Godson, businessman Krzysztof Jędrzejewski, medical doctor Piotr Milkiewicz and the initiator of the Men’s Conference Henryk Wieja. Stories of his life shared: Jan Grzeszkowiak, Jacek Weigl, and dr. Piotr Gasiorowski. Men left the conference encouraged and motivated to make good choices. They expressed gratitude for the time they could spend with God and with people. It is worth quoting one of the participant’s comment, which represent statements of many participants: „We live in a time of masculinity and fatherhood crisis. There is a strong need to do something about it. To start with oneself”.

    Conference for Young Generation P24 Dreaming with God was conducted on Saturday, November 9, 2013 in Wisla. This was the thirteenth countrywide conference for young adults organized by Life and Mission Ministry based in Ustron, Poland. The lecturers at this year’s conference were following: Two representatives from the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem - Jani Salokangas, director of youth department, called ARISE at nd Esther Wieja, who has been working for over three years in the Media Department of the Embassy. The speakers were also: Sylwia Pinkas and Pawel Wieja. Dawid Jankowski shared his life story. For over three years has sailed around the world on a mission ship called Logos Hope. Each of the speakers encouraged the young people to not be afraid to dream big. Speakers pointed to God who is The Giver of dreams. For Him nothing is impossible. He works for those who are eagerly awaiting Him.

    Conference for Women Love worth to be known took place on November 9, in Poznań. Around 200 women came from various Christian denominations with their non Christian friends to be part of this evangelistic meeting. Among the speakers were Life & Mission’s representatives: Alina Wieja and Sylwia Tomczyk.

    A Conference: Emopowered Parent – Empowered Teacher was organized on November 16 in Olympic Hotel in Ustron. The topic was „How to help young people build lasting friendships and a lifelong love relationship.” There were 150 participants. Speakers for this conference were: Alina Wieja, Henryk Wieja, Sylwia Tomczyk,Katarzyna Borek, Karolina Hołownia, Lidia Janik, Mirosław Wielchorski. The sessions included subjects: motivation for creative development;sexual education; how to build relationship with teenagers; understanding sexual identity; helping teenagers in living according to Christian values.

    The winter issue of Our Inspirations Magazine touches on the topics such as: Gratefulness, encouragement to celebrate and give God the glory! In the articles a reader will learn how one can celebrate God’s presence and His miracles in daily lives. The articles speak about breakthroughs that come through celebrating other people’s victories. They teach as well how to hear God’s voice and that a real happiness comes from an ability to be grateful to God for every good thing.

    A group of caregivers were trained in October during a Second Session of the Basic Course in Christian Counseling. Henryk and Alina Wieja were the main lecturers. Katarzyna Borek was teaching during this session along their side. 30 students who were participating came from all over Poland. They serve in various ministries, communities and mission organizations. Among the subjects being tought there were: understanding the needs of different generations, ability to define identity. During the session the speakers taught on the complex care and ministry to body, soul and spirit as well as providing a complex ministry that touch on the past, presence and future.

    New books that were published help in a practical way to live a fulfilled and abundant life that Jesus Christ planned for each one of us. The books are: ‘Respect – The Way To A Spiritual Authority’ by Henryk Wieja, ‘Dreams’ by Dutch Sheets, ‘God’s Promises For Men’, by Jack Countryman. The new multimedias that were recently published are: ‘Men In Full Armour’, ‘Friendship With God’, ‘Empowered Parent – Empowered Teacher’. The books and multimedia materials are available online at

    We thank God for all the projects that can be conducted also through the Life & Mission Community, for the Bible lectures, kids ministry and new youth initiatives like Event 16+. We are grateful for the evangelistic tool which is the Alpha Course and many many more.

  • april – july 2013open or close
    january – march 2013

    Dear Friends, Dear Friends, we are very grateful for your continued support of the Life & Mission Ministry. Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts. It is helping us to accomplish the projects and plans that we’ve mentioned in this letter. We strongly believe that in supporting this work you have a part in enlarging God’s Kingdom here in Poland, and in Europe!

    Generation 24 conference 'Courage In Action' took place on Saturday, April 20. Over 300 young people came from all over Poland but also from Czech Rep. Jani Salokangas and Emanuel Mfoukou from the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem were the main speakers for the event. We give glory to God, as during this event 25 people gave their life to Christ! The participants said about the conference: „The conference was a special kind of encouragement to me. Thanks to it I’ve started to truly seek God and so much has changed in my life. During his conference I was deeply touched by God’s presence there.” (– Jakub).

    In April Poland-Israel Mission conducted a concert of Jarmuła Band from Cracow. In May Miriam and Natalia Hakenberg led Jewish Dance workshops. It was a joyful day, during which many came to give praises to God through dance. During this time of worship one of the participants got healed from a long time disease. We give glory to our great God! He is the same yesterday and today. Each of the Poland-Israel Mission’s events gathered many of those who want to understand more of God who is faithful to His promises and covenants, with Jews and now with the Church.

    We praise God for the spring edition of evangelistic Alfa Course, which ended on May 20. Almost 40 people took part in it. One of the course’s participants said: „I’m so glad I could open my heart for God and that Jesus Christ became my Savior. During this course He has also touched my spine and completely healed it.”

    On Saturday, May 25 we had a privilege to conduct a training conference with Jill Dodge, an experienced Christian therapists and lecturer. Over 100 Christian counselors from all over Poland took part to learn more about listening to God’s voice in the process of helping others. Jill was sharing about the role of listening prayer, about the ways on how God is speaking to us now and how to help others to differ His voice from other voices.

    A countrywide conference for marriages ‘Empowered Marriage’ took place in June. The main theme of the conference was: How to be a strong marriage and prevent crisis situations? Over 300 people took part in this event, coming from all across Poland, Czech Rep., and even as far as France. Henryk and Alina Wieja were the main speakers. Also three other couples shared their stories how God has led them victoriously out of crisis in their marriages. Two of many conference’s participants said: “…these messages strongly empowered the foundation of our marriage”, “Both of us we have been strengthened to fight for our marriage. Our relationship has been truly enriched.”

    Begining of June we have received a letter from a prison, from 27 years old, David, thanking us for Inspirations magazine. He wrote that the articles have completely changed his worldview. He mentioned that he feels encouraged to learn how to be a good father to his daughter. The latest, summer issue of Inspirations magazine was inspiring people how to invest and grow healthy relationships as well as to develop one’s own potential and passions of heart, and be motivated to achieve goals.

    Alina Wieja was invited to be the main speaker at three conferences for women, in Warsaw. Kielce and in Kolo. We praise God for hundreds of women who heard the good news about the salvation in Jesus Christ, and how to handle life challenges!

    First session in Basic Training in Christian Counseling took part in July 7-12. Henryk & Alina were the main teachers, together with thye new teachers from the Life and Mission Team. Over 30 committed people helpers came to learn more how to be more effective in helping others as they serve as counselors in churches, mission organizations and secular places.

    Koinonia Publishing has published new books that help to draw closer to God and help to build strong relationships with others. These are: Being A Wise Mom by Alina Wieja, Listening Prayer by Dave and Linda Olsen, God’s Promises For Couples by Jack Countryman and Terry Gibbs. We had also the privilege to publish new teachings on DVD and MP3 formats: Old Testament Today (part 2) by Kazimierz Barczuk, Women’s Conference – Courageous And Graceful by Alina Wieja, Sylwia Tomczyk and others.

  • january – march 2013open or close
    january – march 2013

    Dear Friends,
    this is a Winter-Spring report of all the project we were able to accomplish in the past three months. We are witnessing a hunger for God among the Polish people locally and among those who come from all over Poland (and abroad) to participate in conferences, trainings and courses. Thank you for being a part of that!

    The new year began with a 21-day national fast. Many Christian Churches from all across Poland, including Life & Mission Christian Fellowship, joined in the fast to pray for God’s guidance and blessing upon the Polish nation. On Saturday, Jan. 26 at Life and Mission headquarters a regional meeting was held to close the fast with a time of prayer, worship and many testimonies of God’s new blessings, breakthrough and healing touch.

    In February, Life & Mission Christian Fellowship held an open meeting for married couples on the subject of „Making wise financial decisions in a marriage.” The speaker was Alexander Macha, who along with his wife manages a large, growing company. Alexander spoke also on how to prevent a crisis in a marriage and how to apply biblical principles in family and finances.

    The mission Life on the Rock held three very special meetings: Creative Meeting For Women (in January), Parent’s Academy (in February), Academy For Personal Development (in March). All meetings of this mission are to invest in personality strengths, to teach how to creatively build a parent-child relationship. The aim of the mission is also to educate and promote a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness of possibilities that God gave to every person.

    A new edition of Evangelistic Alpha Course has started in February. Meetings of a group of 40 people are held every Monday at Life & Mission Ministry’s building. One of the participants said: The course helped me to get to know God better, invite Jesus Christ into my heart and start a deep, personal relationship with Him.

    In February there was another evangelistic event – screening of a movie „One Night with the King”, organized by Poland – Israel Mission. In response to the poster and invitations 200 people came. The movie is a screen adaptation of the Biblical story of queen Esther. Henryk & They closed the meeting with words of hope and prayer. Alina Wieja encouraged all who came to see the example of Queen Esther who gazed at the face of the king, despite all the difficulties. Each of us can look at face of the King of kings, Jesus Christ who is our Lord.

    Conference for Women „Brave & Graceful” gathered 1100 women from across Poland and abroad (Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Ireland). The event took place on Saturday, March 9, 2013, in Wisla. Speakers at the conference were: Alina Wieja, Sylwia Tomczyk, Malgorzata Roman and Honorata Wasowska. We give God the glory for many women who gave their lives to Christ on that day. One of the ladies shared her impressions about the event: „It is the first time I have experienced an alive faith like this. I sense tremendous authenticity, goodness, courage and presence of God among us. Thank you for this conference, the lectures and the testimonies. It has definitely changed my life for the better.”

    The final session of the One Year Basic Training in Christian Counseling was held March 15-17. During the training Henry and Alina Wieja gave lectures, and the students presented their thesis covering a wide range of issues: how to help overcome addictions to computer and video games; working with homeless people; helping people to deal with hypochondria, anger. Many thesis were exposing counseling for adolescents and young adults.

    Koinonia Publishing House issued new publications that help to deepen relationship with God and others. These are: Love That Changes Everything by Alina Wieja, God’s Promises For Women by Jack Countryman, Creative Counterpart by Linda Dillow. The spring issue of Our Inspirations magazine talks about the culture of God’s kingdom.

    Multimedia Department published recently: Strength Of Gratitude – Lectures from Women’s Conference in Wroclaw (among the speakers was Alina Wieja), Empowered Parent, Empowered Teacher (DVD) – Lectures from a conference, which took place on November 10, 2012, at Life & Mission Ministry in Ustroń.

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